The  All Spark Cube  began as a project to demonstrate Cloud and HPC workload management software. Designed by  Adaptive  Computing  the All Spark Cube is a 16 x 16 x 16 full color LED Cube.

All Spark LED Cube

All Spark LED Cube Source: Geekologie

Named in honor of the device that provides life-giving force in the 2007 Live Action Film  Transformers”, this  real life large scale version  contains 4,096 LEDs organized into a 2 inch wide grid.  Little known facts about the  All Spark Cube:

  • over 1500 volunteer man-hours were put into the design, build and testing
  •  3000 feet of buss wire
  • 17,000 solder connections interconnect the LEDs in a 3D matrix
  • 16 custom designed circuit boards control visual effects from inside a custom cabinet
  • overall Diameter 4 feet square and 6 feet tall
  • a clear acrylic protective box over the LEDs

Originating from the design minds of the Utah based company Adaptive Computing’s  intricate example of what LED technology can do today will surely catch some eyes.

Video: 3D LED Cube(32*32*32=32768 pixels)

For more information visit: All Spark Cube