The Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

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The Misfit Shine is a new wireless physical activity device by  Misfit Wearables that bears a truly simple yet bold design. The Misfit Shine is about the size of a quarter and contains an easily replaceable battery that lasts six months. All you need to do to pair it is to place it on an iPhone and it will synchronize itself, even when it is in airplane mode. How simple is that?

Misfit Shine is about the size of a quarter

Activity goals are programmed via the data transfer and then displayed via a series of lighted dots on the device to indicate the completion level. There are no buttons, cables, Bluetooth pairing, and recharging to get in the way of its performance. The Misfit shine goes beyond pedometer functionality. It can also be used to track to track cycling and swimming activities since it is waterproof.

The Shine with clip

The Misfit Shine is durable and waterproof because it is carved from pieces of airplane grade aluminum. Another great feature of the device is that you can add a bracelet and a clip to secure it on the clothing, which is available at Misfit Wearables. It does not matter if you want to mount it on your wrist, shoe, ankle, bra, hip, as a broach anything works.

The Misfit Shine as a bracelet

It works with any smart phone running Android 4.0 and up or iOS5 and up. ¬† The Misfit Shine will arrive for retail market in spring of 2013 for $99 a pop, with early adopters’ units shipping in March. This project was seeking $100,000 and has raised over $117,000 with 32 days to go. The cheapest pledge that will get you a Misfit Shine is $79.

Check out more about this innovative gadget at Misfit Wearables.