Take cover the UFO Cow Abduction Lamp has landed!

Take cover the UFO Cow Abduction Lamp has landed!

In 1961 the first alien abduction claim was widely publicized and notated as the  Betty and Barney Hill abduction. Although the majority of  abduction phenomenon reports involve humans, there are a select few that include animal abductions. And the  Alien Abduction Lamp does a wonderful job at depicting the experience a cow may experience upon his abduction.

Photo: The  UFO Cow Abduction Lamp (unlit)

The  Center for UFO Studies set criteria for what it means to be abducted states that a person or animal must be taken:

  • Against his or her will
  • From terrestrial surroundings
  • By non-human beings

I would say check to all three for this lamp abducted cow.


Photo: The  Alien Abduction Lamp



Photo:  The Alien Abduction Lamp (lit)



Photo:  Abduction Lamp with Box


Photo: Alien Abduction Lamp


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  1. Cool I’m trying to do this effect for a model diorama but cant make the cone light effect.
    I don’t need a lamp though