In 1961 the first alien abduction claim was widely publicized and notated as the  Betty and Barney Hill abduction. Although the majority of  abduction phenomenon reports involve humans, there are a select few that include animal abductions. And the  Alien Abduction Lamp does a wonderful job at depicting the experience a cow may experience upon his abduction.

Photo: The  UFO Cow Abduction Lamp (unlit)

The  Center for UFO Studies set criteria for what it means to be abducted states that a person or animal must be taken:

  • Against his or her will
  • From terrestrial surroundings
  • By non-human beings

I would say check to all three for this lamp abducted cow.


Photo: The  Alien Abduction Lamp



Photo:  The Alien Abduction Lamp (lit)



Photo:  Abduction Lamp with Box


Photo: Alien Abduction Lamp


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