Myyour’s Penelope Lamp is shaped like a beautiful silhouette of a woman. Penelope not only looks gorgeous lit or dim but also stands almost seven feet tall. Merging an ancient style that was inspired by classic statues, decorating villas and gardens, Penelope’s mix of shapes may remind some of the renowned Swiss sculptor ¬†Alberto Giacometti ¬†pieces.

Sketches of Myyour's Penelope Floor Lamp

Images courtesy of Myyour

Penelope Floor Lamp would look great just standing alone or configured as a group of women. The Penelope Floor Lamp was formed from Myyour’s own Poleasy material, a new special type of polyethylene, that was discovered after many long years of research.

Group of illuminated Myyour's Penelope Lamp

Myyour's Penelope Lamp