Marko Vuckovic’s works with the space that urban gardeners don’t have. If you live in the city and want to garden, you may find yourself plotting spaces for gardens on railings, small pieces of your patio or even hanging plants upside down from hanging planters. This may work for summer but in the winter months you may need to move your garden indoors?

Marko Vuckovics Grass Floor Lamp filled with grass and light inside a bedroom.

Grass Floor Lamp – Images courtesy of Marko Vuckovic

Unless you live in the warmer climates, outdoor planting all year round may not be an option. The Grass Lamp  helps to quench that thirst for indoor gardening all year round, while adding a hint of designer greenery to your interior decor.

Marko Vuckovics Grass Pendant Lamp

Marko Vuckovic’s Grass Pendant Lamp

The industrial designer Marko Vuckovic’s Grass Lamp not only illuminates but also facilitates the growth of plants via hydroponics. This award winning lamp design ¬†uses no soil, just the mineral and nutrient fortified water solution and a standard hydroponic growing medium such as gravel, coconut husks or mineral wool.

Marko Vuckovic's Grass Wall Lamp

Marko Vuckovic’s Grass Wall Lamp

Marko Vuckovics Grass pendant Lamp 2

Marko Vuckovics Grass Lamp

Marko Vuckovic's Grass Wall Lamp