When applying makeup or grooming, your face should be illuminated with the correct color of light without casting unnecessary  shadows. The problem with the standard bathroom mirror and many lighted makeup mirrors is that they do not offer enough or the wrong type of light. Leaving you with undesired shadows on your face  while  applying makeup or a light that is  incomparable  to natural sunlight. Which may be fine while indoors, however once you venture outside you may realize differently.

Lighted Make Up Mirror 1960’s Era – General Electric Source: Etsy

Leaving you with the question, how do I choose the best makeup mirror? Here are a few considerations when making your lighted makeup mirror choice.

  • Single sided or double sided mirror? One side standard  magnification  the other side super magnification ( 2x, 3x, 5x 10x).
  • Consider your mirror’s location, i.e. counter or wall.
  • Portable or  stationary?
  • Does it need to swivel?
  • Consider a makeup mirror with a dimmer, so you can see how the makeup application will look in a variety of settings.
  • The mirror size, determine how much of your face you would like to cover as well as the  space  where you will be  storing  the mirror.

Applying Makeup – Lighted Makeup MirrorSource: Grantland


We Can’t Forget the Lighting

And finally the lighting, you may think that each makeup mirror’s lighting is the same. Untrue, in fact most make up mirrors will use a  fluorescent  light source creating a harsh  unfriendly  light that does not compare to the warm color of the light of outdoors. Think about department stores and their dressing rooms, this is usually  fluorescent  lighting. Unsympathetic  to the viewer but cheap to install and maintain. Recently, some uppity shops realized that the amount of sales that they have in their stores  depended  on their dressing rooms light sources (and  mirrors) and upgraded to a natural softer light. Which actually increased their sales. Who knew?

Fluorescent Lighting Source: Design Exhale Blog


Next is the LED light, energy-efficient  and available in a soft light with a realistic glow. The LED tends to last 5 to 10 times longer than the ‘other bulbs’. Giving you a longer lasting product and the  release  from having to hunt down a replacement bulb for your makeup mirror. Do yourself a favor and do a quick search on changing a makeup mirrors lighting online,  doesn’t  look fun to me.


Zadro Lighting’s Sunlight Mirror collection features a  patented  technology ‘SURROUND LIGHTâ„¢’  reminiscent  to the natural rays of the sun. Outlining the mirrors edge, Zadro’s mirrors allows you to apply your make-up without the  interference  of holding your mirror or the need to contort your body to meet your bathroom mirrors  inconvenient  location.  For more information visit:  Zadro Brands Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The illuminated makeup mirror sounds like an absolute must have for any woman (for makeup) or man (for grooming).   Looking your best will be much easier with proper  illumination  and magnification.

Finding the Right Makeup Magnification Source: Zadro Makeup Mirrors