Some of the best art comes from life’s everyday adventures in the world. This chandelier exhibits influences from nature and maybe even H.P Lovecraft’s fantasy worlds. The Forms of Nature Chandelier by Hilden & Diaz drew its inspiration from the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, the German biologist, naturalist, and philosopher.

Reflections of dense foliage through surrealistic branches energetically encircle its almost hidden light source. A good fit for medium sized rooms that will allow the full shadow and light details to cover the walls, floors and ceiling. Become mystically engulfed by the shadows of trees and bushes with just the flip of a switch and … white walls begone.

Written by the design studio Hilden & Diaz:
“The shadows engulfs the room and transforms the walls into unruly shadows of branches, bushes and gnarled trees. Mirrorings are thrown out upon the walls and ceilings and provide weak Rorschach-like hints of faces, life and flow of consciousness. Dimming the lights transforms the installation and one senses a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest.”

Video: Forms in nature by Hilden & Diaz