Not everyone likes skateboarding, but for those who do watch out because skateboard furniture is on the rise. In a design trend that doesn’t seem to mind if the skateboard is new or old, whole or broken, or just the scraps of the boards, all rules have been tossed off the ramp.

Skateboard Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

Skateboard Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture Source: Etsy

In what began in the 1950’s by California surfers who thought it would be a good idea to attach roller skate wheels to boxes or boards and “surf the streets”, is now a 62 year craze that won’t die out.

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Skateboard Wall Sconce Source:



Skateboard Lamp Source: Invisible Man


“Ride the Light,” Rockboard’s Radiate Skateboard Source: Thanks Mail Carrier


The Skateboard Pendant Source: Houzz