Please help us find our friend the Milky Way!

Just in case you  didn’t  know, the Milky Way is the galaxy in which we live and it contains about 2 billion stars including our Sun.  All kidding aside, in a recent ruling, the City of Laguna Beach, CA has recently joined dozens of other cities around the world in an attempt to improve nighttime visibility and ambiance while maintaining safety.

Through their Good Neighbor Lighting Ordinance, outdoor lighting will be required to be shielded and aimed downwards.   Exemptions in the ordinance include existing street and sports-fields, lights on historic structures, public art, safety lights on a motion sensor with a switch, and crime preventing lighting approved by the police department.  The ordinance will go into effect Feb. 1 after a public-education campaign.

Fortunately, the lighting industry offers several solutions to this set of circumstances.   One would be to replace existing fixtures that are compliant with International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) standards; another would be to retrofit existing ones with shields.

Please feel free to email or call me if you’d like more information on the various solutions available in the market.  Now get out there and find the Milky Way!

For more information on Good Neighbor compliant lighting products to assist you  in replacing  existing fixtures, please visit our website  or give us a call at 877-559-7516 and ask for Ivis.

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Author: Ivis Parada

Ivis Parada has more than 20 years of progressive experience in the residential, commercial and industrial lighting industry. Prior to joining Lightopia, Ivis was the co-owner of Lighting Showcase, a lighting showroom that operated out of Laguna Niguel, CA. Previous to this, Ivis worked as a Projects Manager for various commercial lighting companies. Under this function, he led the installation of new, and retrofits of existing lighting systems that ranged from educational institutions to hospitality facilities; from public spaces such as libraries to manufacturing installations; from shopping malls to research labs. Ivis holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree and is fluent in Spanish. He lives in Lakewood, CA and in his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and coaching his children’s teams. “There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures”. James Thurber

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