One hanging pendant light is great, but a cluster really makes a statement. How do you know when and how to pair pendant lights? Finding out how to perfectly pair your pendants will give your space more illumination as well as add another design dimension to your space.

The best place to use single pendant lights is when there is a need for task illumination, such as over a desk or a bedside table. The small quantity of focused light enables small tasks to be completed without the burden of “too much” light. Consider using a group or a cluster of pendant lights together when more lighting is needed. Such as a larger area like a kitchen island or an entertaining area.

Some people like to use of cluster of pendant lights that are all of the same design and color, while others like different colors, styles, textures, finshes and even hanging each pendant light at a different height. The photos on this blog post offer a peek at what some are doing, and how.

Pendant Lighting: Hang Alone or Cluster? - 3

Source: You Mag Blog