Eric Klarenbeek’s Floating Light: Can A Light Float?

Eric Klarenbeek’s Floating Light Project is an art / light installation that has been attempted on many levels with many different materials and designs throughout the last 10 years, to achieve the impossible. Or is it? Klarenbeek’s Floating Light explores the question of light and space. “How could light be present in space, in its purest and most effective way?”

The first generation of Klarenbeek’s Floating Light experiments consisted of a simple regular light bulb and a shade to contain its heat. This heat enabled the shade to lift into the air and serenely float.

Video: Work Survey, A movie about the process of creating.

Over the last ten years Klarenbeek has continued his quest to make light float. And 20 pieces later the artist found a perfect (safe) balance in a floating light. The project was picked up by the well known designer Marcel Wanders, and added to the Moooi’s Lighting Collection. And so continues the story of the Floating Light Project, enabling a light to float on just the heat output of its light source.

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“I experimented with objects that were able to float, such as bubbles, helicopters and balloons. Nowadays I still find myself folding papers into wings and blowing bubbles the same as years ago, but out of a complete different perspective and knowledge.”

- Eric Klarenbeek -

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Author: Lightopia

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