The Australian based David Richards has taken Christmas lights to a level that some only dream of reaching. When you consider decorating your home for Christmas, what comes to mind? Pull out a few old light cords from last year maybe pick a few new ones to add a little flare. What do you think of when we mention 300,000 Christmas lights?

Christmas Light World Record: 502,165 Xmas Lights

Source: Youtube

Or how about 502,165? The new Guinness World Record champion has trumped the previous record with this new outstanding lighting standard, using LED lights. Watch the video below for a glimpse at his lighting accomplishment. FYI, if you were to roll the 502,165 Christmas lights out into a straight line they would stretch a distance of 29.8 miles (48 km).

Video: Christmas world record: Australian family rig 502,165 lights

Christmas Light World Record: 502,165 Xmas Lights - 2

Source: Youtube