Starting with the 2015 i8 sports car, BMW will be utilizing lasers in their headlights.  The headlights utilize use several high-performance diodes to emit a beam via lenses onto a fluorescent phosphorus substance.  The substance transforms the beam into an exceptionally bright white light.  This light has a range of up to 600 meters (double the range of LEDs). This laser uses 30 percent less energy than power-saving LEDs.  To prevent oncoming drivers from being blinded by the light, BMW’s camera aided high-beam assistant dims the light.  Other automakers have promised to deliver this technology, but BMW is the first to offer it in one of their cars as an option from their standard LED headlights.  The 2015 i8 sports car is currently in production and will on sale later this year.

BMW Laser Headlights - 1

BMW Laser Headlights - 2

BMW Laser Headlights - 3