Baylights - 1

Baylights – 1

There hs been a lot of praise and buzz about the Bay Lights in San Francisco, CA. It is an achievement in engineering as well as visual display. A custom LED lighting system spans across the bridge, creating a mesmerizing visual display. The Bay Lights is the world’s largest LED light sculpture, 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high. Inspired by the Bay Bridge’s 75th Anniversary, its 25,000 white LED lights are individually programmed by artist Leo Villareal to create a never-repeating, dazzling display across the Bay Bridge West Span through March 2015. Over 50 million people in the Bay Area alone will see The Bay Lights shining from dusk until dawn for two years, with billions more seeing it in the media and online. It’s conservatively estimated that this monumental tour de force – eight times the scale of the Eiffel Tower’s 100th Anniversary lighting – will add $97 million dollars to the local economy.


Baylights - 2

Baylights – 2

Photos around the internet are capturing the beauty and grandeur of the Bay Bridge. Until you can make your way to see it for yourself, a new project in the web allows you to get as close to it live as possible. The Bay Lights Project is presented by Illuminate the Arts, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that aims to alter the arc of human history through the creation of transformational works of public art. Their mission is to produce and promote innovative contemporary art with civic impact, social activation and global reach to stimulate a culture of generosity, community, collaboration and love worldwide.


Baylights - 3

Baylights – 3

At, you can view real time camera views of the Bay Bridge nightly. There is tons of information and photos to enhance your appreciation for this truly magnificent display.

Baylights - 4

Baylights – 4