You may have recently seen the term  Steampunk  being casually used to describe designs and collections on the internet. But what exactly is ˜Steampunk‘? Steampunk is a loosely used description that explains a sub-genre of science fiction enhanced design. These designs typically reflect the era involving the industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century.

Out of this design era has emerged lighting!  Cool, scientific, Einstein and Tesla looking lighting that would make you look smart by just having it in your study or office. Art Donovan is at the forefront of Steampunk design, he is a designer, author, speaker and more.

Donovan has had in the lighting pot for sometime creating hand-crafted custom lighting since 1990. Take a look at the video below for his explanation of Steampunk and how it has effected the design culture.

Video: Art Donovan “The Art of Steampunk”