The International Dark-Sky  Association believes that our  society has lost site of the night sky stars and planets.  Is it possible that our street lights are extinguishing our  inherent  connection with the natural world? The International Dark-Sky  Association  promotes simple (back to the basics) ideas: light what you need, when you need it and where you need it.

Photo:  Dark Sky Photo by Jim Richardson Photography

But what is dark sky compliant? How do you know if your exterior lights are compliant with what may become a requirement? In places like Laguna Beach, California laws have already passed to change your exterior lighting to meet or exceed the Dark Sky Associations regulations. For more information on Laguna Beach’s Dark Sky regulations check out “Please help us find our friend the Milky Way!”.

The concern regarding the lack of visual  nighttime  access to the sky started  with professional and amateur  astronomers. The alarming notion  occurred  that the nocturnal  skyglow  from urban areas was eradicating the sight of stars for both  astronomers  and  regular  sky observers.

The dark-sky movement encourages the use of  full-cut off light fixtures  that cast little or no upward light. But of course some exterior light is needed for safety, entertaining and  convenience. So what now? Do you need to change all of your exterior lights? Well the International Dark-Sky Association has created a list of simple guidelines for small communities, urban neighborhoods, and subdivisions:  Simple Guidelines by Dark-Sky Association.

And not to worry with the growing Dark Sky  phenomenon  most lighting manufacturers offer some or all of their products to meet the Dark Sky Compliant regulations.  For more information on dark sky compliant products contact Lightopia at 1-877-559-7516.


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International Dark-Sky Association
Jim Richardson Photography (Image#1)